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Our options for hair removal in Gatineau: wax, laser or electrolysis

At the Centre d’Esthétique & d’Électrolyse, we offer you various options for hair removal in Gatineau.
Depending on your budget and your needs, our team will help you choose the most suitable method for impeccable results. In our salon, we have been welcoming men and women from Gatineau for over 35 years, offering them a relaxing and refreshing experience.


We offer a wide range of beauty treatments to reveal your natural beauty. To help you keep your skin clean, we use three hair removal methods:




Discover all the advantages of each of these techniques and call us today to book an appointment.

Hair removal using wax

Waxing leaves the skin soft for up to 1 month after each session. This technique can be used on all parts of the body, even on the most sensitive and delicate areas. This method is not definitive, but it does weaken the hair for slower and less dense growth.

Laser hair removal

Used by a qualified technician, laser treatments are a powerful way to quickly and painlessly remove unwanted hair. Thanks to pulsed light, it can treat large areas of the body. Several sessions of a few minutes to an hour each are sometimes necessary for a lasting result.

Hair removal by electrolysis

Electrolysis hair removal is one of the most effective solutions to permanently remove hair. By a low-intensity electrical discharge, the device destroys the bulb of each hair one-by-one, preventing it from growing back. Painless, this advanced hair removal technique provides softness and comfort for a long time.

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Hair removal areas









Full, Brazilian and regular bikini

Torso, abdomen


Refined brands

Discover our selection of products for a beauty ritual that combines pleasure and efficiency.

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